Slater Family – South Bend Indiana Family Photography

I love doing family photography. Especially when that family is gorgeous, fabulous and fun. I introduce you to the Slater family. I went to high school with Carley. I remember so many late nights of sharing boy friend problems with her. She was always a good friend and I so enjoyed re-connecting all these years later. What fun it is to watch friends get married, have babies and become families of their own.

This was a swap-session. We took pictures of the Slaters and Carley took AMAZING photos of us. The setting was perfect. Tall grass, bales of hay and a perfect sun set. Who could ask for more???

Let me share some fabulous shots with you. Be prepared…I told you they are a beautiful family, right?


South Bend Family Photographer

Oh  my word. So lovely.

At this point Carley was perfectly pregnant with their newest member, Finley.

Mishawaka Indiana Family Photographer

How sweet is this? He is now the best big brother I have ever seen a toddler capable of being. :)

When I said perfectly pregnant…this is what I meant.

South Bend Indiana Family Photography

Ridiculous isn’t it?

Love this one, too. Perfect baby bump.

Mishawaka Indiana Maternity Photographer

Long dress+ tall grass+ beautiful pregnant woman = gorgeous photo.

And then there is this.

Northern Indiana Family Photographer

 This is just so beautiful to me. The colors. The emotions. The connection. Makes me wanna cry.

One more family one. Northern Indiana Family Photography

Seriously now? I mean I bet when people see this family out and about they are mistaken for celebrities. They are just too gorgeous!

I  loved our time with them and I so hope we continue to do it as our families grow. Wishing you all the best Slater family. :)


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